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The United States of America, commonly referred as the United States, the States, the U.S., the USA, or America, is a federal republic on Earth. [1] [2] The capital city is Washington, D.C., also known as Washington, A.C. [3]

People from middle of the United States were constantly underestimated by television executives, who believed they stayed on their "tractors" most of the time. [4]

Good old American feces is one of the principle causes of mutation. [5]


America was founded during the American Revolution between the United Kingdom on 1775. "Minuteman" Yancy Fry fought in it, under the lead of the first president George Washington, fought for that independence. [6]

America started using Stop-N-Drop suicide booths in New New York, New New Jersey and other locations on 2008. [7]

By the 20th century, the United States had became a super power. It was also the first country to send a human to the Moon (the lunar landing site was lost until it was found in the year 3000). American Philip J. Fry II was the first man to land on Mars and planted the American flag there. As of 3003, he is still the first man on Mars. [8]

In an unknown prior of time, the United States annexed Mexico for an unknown reason, and called it the "American's Heartland", which still exists in the 31st century.

In 3000, the United States was considered a part of the planet, unlike its status in 1999. [9]

In 3003, the United States' most popular show was Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad, although it got worse after its third season. [10]

America was one of the countries to participate in the 3004 Earth Olympics. [11]


  • 24 Bit Colorado (formerly Colorado)
  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • East West Virginia (formerly Virginia)
  • eHIO (formerly Ohio)
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • HighCal (formerly part of California)
  • Human Farm (also known as Utah)
  • Indiana (Gary, Indiana is referenced in "T.: The Terrestrial")
  • iOwa
  • Kansas
  • LoCal (formerly part of California)
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Mexico
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Muontana (formerly Montana)
  • New Mexico
  • New New Jersey (also known as New Jersey)
  • New New York (formerly New York)
  • Nukevada (formerly Nevada)
  • Penn Republic (formerly part of Pennsylvania)
  • Sylvania (formerly part of Pennsylvania)
  • 'Ucky (formerly Kentucky)
  • User ID:aho (formerly Idaho)
  • Washingtron (formerly Washington)
  • Washington, D.C. (also known as Washington, A.C.)
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • WyΩing (formerly Wyoming)
  • XORegon, also known as Oregon


  • The capital of New New York is New New York City, which was built atop the rubble of Old New York, hence the second "New".
  • WyΩing uses the Greek letter omega instead of "om", which can stand for electrical resistance (the unit of which is called the Ohm).
  • It's unknown why Mexico is called "America's Heartland" since it is its own country. It could be possible that the United States annexed Mexico.
  • It appears the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia were annexed by the United States.