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About me[]

"You've got your Star Trek into my Futurama..."

Hi, I'm Dhalia. I live in California and Ellipses485 just wishes his cows were as happy as ours. Some of my favorite television shows are Futurama, Star Trek, Firefly, Monty Python, Lost, and Doctor Who. I'm admin and I'm here to help, so don't hesitate to ask.

My contributions[]

While I know a little about the technical aspects of wiki editing, I am learning more everyday.

  • My Edits [[Special:Editcount/Dhalia|Special:Editcount/Dhalia]]
  • User contributions
  • In July 2009, I was granted rollback status
  • In August 2009, I was User of the Month
  • I also completed my 2000th edit
  • I was made an admin
  • In October 2009, I completed 3000 edits

Helpful Links[]

These are links I find helpful, you may as well:

Personal To-Do-List[]