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About meEdit

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Hello, I'm Ifans (or just Dylan, if pronunciation difficulties). I live in Brisbane, Queensland, was born on May 31, and I'm and student. I'm a very big fan of David X. Cohen and Matt Groening's works, so I like Futurama and The Simpsons. You'll also find me at Allen Gregory Wiki, where I am an admin and a bureaucrat. If I make a mistake or have any concerns or questions, leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

My To-Do listEdit

My To-Do list includes:

  • Adding character pages
  • Adding episode pages
  • Adding directors, producers, voice artists pages

My contributionsEdit

  • My edits 5,051
  • User contributions
  • I joined this wiki in late June 2011
  • I was made an admin in July 2011
  • I reached 1,000 edits in early September 2011
  • I reached 2,000 edits in late September 2011
  • I reached 3,000 edits in late October 2011
  • I reached 4,000 edits in early November 2011
  • I reached 5,000 edits in late November 2011

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