• I live in Antioch CA
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Aspiring Cartoonist
  • I am Male

Hey there folks. Despite my username on Fandom being TMNT1987Dude I go by The Cartoon OG everywhere else. I'm just any regular, friendly guy, and you can just call me Chris if you like.

About MeEdit

I'm a big cartoon fan, and I love all sorts of animation, from old theatrical cartoons, animated films, and of course, animated television series. However, I'm not a fan of adult animated stuff, despite liking Matt Groening's three shows, and I'm also not a big fan of anime. I'm a really big fan of the original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and I love many other shows.

I have a Deviantart account so if you want another place to contact me you can do so there.

My Top 10 Futurama EpisodesEdit

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