"Yes, but what about the animals?"
"The whaa?"

"The animals."
" I didn't say anything about animals. Now it seems that the planet will collapse within three days. Incidentally, this will kill all the animals."
Hubert J. Farnsworth[source]

Vergon 6 is a greenish colored planet that was mined for its dark matter and began collapsing as a result.

History[edit | edit source]

The Nibblonians used Vergon 6 for an outpost and over the course of a millennium used the hollow planet to store their fecal matter. But in 2972 a ship from the DOOP discovered the reserve of starship fuel and the Nibblonians were forced to evacuate the planet as the DOOP arrived (in the form of the newly created Mom's Friendly Robot Company) to mine the planet.

Over the next 28 years, Vergon 6 was mined to the point that it was in danger of imploding, which it did in 3000. But before it did so, the planet saw drama unfold when the Planet Express crew arrived on a "tax-deductible mission of charity."

After briefly being detained by Zapp Brannigan under DOOP directive B-10.8-1, the crew finished their mission to find two of every animal on the surface. In addition to the list of animals they were supposed to save, they also found Nibbler (who had been stationed on the Vergon 6 after his encounter with Philip J. Fry I a thousand years earlier in the episode "The Why of Fry" but was accidentally left behind while using "the bush of many uses") on the planet and took him aboard their ship anyway. Despite the devouring of the saved animals, Turanga Leela decided to keep Nibbler as a pet.

Animals[edit | edit source]

The Windy Shrimp

Before its destruction, Vergon 6 was also inhabited by a large variety of creatures. According to the Planet Express crew's list of animals to save, the following species were present on the planet:

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