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"Robot House!"
Dean Vernon[source]

Dean Vernon is a dean at Mars University. He has a great dislike of Robot House, who he blames for much of the mischief that occurs on campus and places them on dodecatuple secret probation.

The stressful job has not been easy on Vernon since he took the job in 2993, but he has been able to retain his sanity with his hobby of building a model ship, which was accidentally eaten by Fatbot after Robot House was placed on dodecatuple secret probation in 3001.

At some point he crashed his Hovercar, evidently damaging property and/or people, but was able to avoid charges by claiming that his horse was driving, although his colleague Professor Farnsworth knew the truth.

Vernon went on a date with Leela, however, after that, he never called back.



  • Dean Vernon is a tribute to the character Dean Vernon Wormer from the film "Animal House". The whole episode in which Vernon appears in is also a parody of said film.
  • Dean Vernon is a reference to Richard Vernon, the mean principal from "The Breakfast Club".