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Mobil Dick whale oil

"Gas was an environmental disaster, anyway. Now we use alternative fuels."
"Like what?"
"Whale oil."

Whale oil is a type of fuel which is used in various vehicles by the 31st century.

The History of whale oil Edit

Early History and Decline Edit

Whale oil was traditionally used by various cultures as fuel for lamps and/or candles, and became one of the first substances to gain commercial success in various other uses such as to create margarine. But by the 1980s the substance, which technically is considered a wax, had largely been replaced by other substances or technology due to public dislike of killing of whales.

Resurgence of whale oil Edit

When Petroleum reserves dried up in 2038, the population of Earth again turned to whales and other alternative energy sources for fuel so they could continue their automobile oriented cultures. It is clear that humanity continued to use whale oil for internal combustion engines right through the 31st century, even as they gave up their automobiles for hovercars and spaceships, but it is unclear how important a fuel source whale oil was for these more developed modes of transportation. Certainly dark matter became the principal starship fuel for the universe after an employee of Mom's Friendly Robot Company named Professor Farnsworth accidentally transformed all the dark matter in the universe (which was linked together in the form of a single non-local meta-particle) into one of the most potent fuel sources. This event, combined with the largest reserve of dark matter being found by a DOOP scout ship on Vergon 6, and more importantly the DOOP's choice to hire MomCorp to mine the reserve, led to dark matter surpassing every other source of fuel in the galaxy.

However, in 3009 the dark matter meta-particle was brought close enough to the Anti-Backwards Crystal (which had also been created by Farnsworth's experiment) and dark matter was reverted to an inert state unfit as a viable starship fuel. Although Farnsworth tried to fill the need for a replacement power source with the doomed "nibbler-power", the universe once again reverted to using alternative fuels such as whale oil.




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