The What-if Machine is a machine invented by Professor Farnsworth. When it is asked a "what if" question it will give a display scenario of what will happen. It is unknown when the professor invented it, but its first appearance was in "Anthology of Interest I". Every time the machine is asked a new question, the professor uses a different button, knob, switch etc.

In the Futurama comic book "Twice Told Tales of Interest" it is Bender's poker buddy for a while, but then it destroyed itself, and the professor says that it would take a year to rebuild. It is again shown in the comic book "Anthology of Interest II (comic book)".


Futurama, the tv showEdit

Futurama, comic book issuesEdit

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What-If Questions Edit

"Anthology of Interest I":

  • Bender: What if I was 500 feet tall?
  • Leela: What if I was a little more impulsive?
  • Fry: What if I never fell in the freezer-doodle and never came to the future-diggy?
  • Professor Farnsworth: What if I invented the Fing-Longer?

"Anthology of Interest II"

  • Professor Farnsworth (for Bender): What if Bender was human?
  • Professor Farnsworth (for Fry): What if life was more like a videogame?
  • Leela: What if I found my true home? (Leela get knocked out by the What-If Machine, so the scenario that followed was not actually shown by the What-If Machine. So we do not know what it showed. )

"New Years Rockin' Evil"

  • Bender: What would happen if I went back in time to 1999?

"Twice Told Tales of Interest"

  • Fry: What if it was Christmas every day?
  • Bender: What if we skip Leela's question?
  • Fry: What if life was like a sitcom?

"Anthology of Interest II (comic book)"

  • Bender: What if I ruled the world?
  • Bender: What if I hit it [the What-If Machine] with a hammer?
  • Hermes: What if the world was perfectly organised?
  • Fry: What if there was a machine that could grant wishes and I wished for a what-if machine that showed what it would be like if I asked it: What if Leela fell in love with me?
  • Amy: What if we were all poor stinking lobsters for just a minute?
  • Leela: What if I had a normal childhood?
  • Lrrr: What if Omicronians took over Earth?

"Follow the Reader"

"The Read Menace!"

  • Marge Simpson: What if you [Homer] actually tried to help us?
  • Homer Simpson: What if Flanders was a monkey?
  • Lisa Simpson: What if we knew how to stop the fictional characters?
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