The Wipe Castle is a castle in Cornwood. The Planet Express crew, in Lord of the Rings style, stopped for help, to see if anyone will help them conquer Momon's evil forces. Unfortunately, their troops were sent away in the ocean to fight a war with the scallops, and never returned. As a result, Momon's forces nearly conquered Wipe Castle.

Their King is Roberto and URL and Smitty are the guards. With the castle being based upon Minas Tirith from Lord Of the Rings, It is also possible that Roberto represents Denethor, the leader of Minas Tirith, who was said to have lost his mind, like how Roberto has lost his sanity. URL and Smithy could also represent Denethor's sons Faramir and Boromir.

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  • Wipe Castle is a reference to the White Castle fast food franchise.
  • It also somewhat resembles a toilet
  • It is also a reference to the castle of Minas Tirith from The Lord Of The Rings
  • When it is mentioned that the army went away to fight the scallops and drowned, it is a reference to the roman emperor Caligula, who after arriving in Britain, ordered his troops to fight the ocean. He, like the King of Wipe castle and the original Minas Tirith, was considered insane.
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