Wormulon is the home planet of the Slurm Worms, a worm-like race. These worms operate the factory that produces what is widely considered to be the universe's best-selling soft drink, Slurm.


Wormulon holds several aesthetic similarities to Saturn, especially a ring which encircles the planet, this has been manipulated in some way to display a rotating Slurm logo.

The planet is also known to be home to a race of small servant-like creatures called Grunka Lunkas who are orange in color and are known for frequently bursting into a chant-like song rather than conventional conversation.

Wormulon's most-popular resident is Slurms MacKenzie who serves as the company's corporate mascot, a party-loving worm who drinks Slurm while surrounded by Trixie and Dixie.


Slurm Factory

The Slurm Factory

Although parts of the factory were destroyed during the Planet Express crew's escape from the planet, it is assumed that the factory remains operational due to the high quantity of Slurm or Slurm advertising.


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