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What's happenin' up there? Did Kremlin Joe let fly with the nukes?

–Yancy Fry, Sr.

Yancy Fry Sr. (born January 4, 1948) is the son of Mildred Fry and through a time warp, son of his own son, Philip J. Fry I. Yancy was apparently raised to believe his father was Enos Fry.

He is the husband of Sherri Fry and the son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Gleisner.

He is the father of Yancy Fry, Jr. and Philip J. Fry I. He is the father-in-law of Yancy Jr.'s wife, Turanga Leela and Jrrr. But Yancy saw Leela in "Game of Tones" until she pulled Fry (Yancy's son) out of the house.

He is the paternal grandfather of Philip J. Fry II and the step grandfather of Kif Kroker's offspring (Turanga Leela's biological children).


Original Timeline

Yancy was originally born on January 4, 1948, and was the son of Enos and Mildred Fry, his name was given to his family every 319 years. Yancy followed in his father 's footsteps and became a military man, serving as a veteran of the Vietnam War. He was slightly paranoid about "Commies" and "Y2K". After the war, he later met Sherri Glesiner and married her in 1967. The pair had a son who named after his father Yancy Fry Jr. in 1971. In 1974, they had another son Philip J. Fry.

During Philip's childhood, Yancy along with his wife, thought sending Philip I to school was a waste of taxpayers money. This was probably correct, as Philip I was largely self-taught and had the means to deal with the Brainspawn many years later.

During the episode "Cold Warriors", Philip J. Fry I has multiple flashbacks of his father during an ice-fishing trip and a science fair battle he had with Josh Gedgie. While Yancy, Sr. seemed to be harsh on Philip I, he later reveals that he's only tough on him in order to make him stronger. He mentions that Philip I may have to deal with unimaginable problems, unknowingly hinting at Philip I's fate, involving him being frozen for 1000 years.

Sometime after his second son disappeared, Yancy Jr. married and he became a grandfather to Philip J. Fry II who was named after his uncle.

He and his wife initially thought finding Philip was a waste of taxpayer money they did their own search using his pet dog Seymour. Although Seymour led them to the Applied Cryogenics, where Philip was frozen, Mr. and Mrs. Fry did not notice their son who was frozen.

Alternate Timeline

As a result of his son's time travel in "Roswell that Ends Well", he was the result of an incestuous one night stand between Philip I and his grandmother. Therefore, Yancy is now the illegitimate son of his own son. However, he was raised to believe that his father was Enos to avoid suspicions.

Using a time code on his behind, Philip returned to the year 2000 from the year 3007 and created a time paradox duplicate that would eventually become Lars Fillmore who remained in the past for twelve years while the original Philip accidentally returned to the future.

Because his son was technically not frozen, he and his wife had no reason to search for Philip who spent his years in the past living peacefully with his family until returning to the future in 2012.

In the year 3017, he posthumously became Turanga Leela's father-in-law after his son and Leela's wedding.

Traditional Name

There is a tradition in the Fry family that goes back to the late 1700's, which was 319 years ago, to name the first born son "Yancy". Philip I's father is referred to here as Yancy Fry, Sr. only to distinguish between him and his son Yancy Fry, Jr., though his actual name would be very different.

Underline== Family Tree ==

          Mr. Gleisner┬Mrs. Gleisner Philip J. Fry IMildred Fry
                      │                             │
             Sherri Fry───────────┬─────────Yancy Fry, Sr.
                            ┌─────┴────────────────┐                                      ┬David Farnsworth
          Turanga LeelaPhilip J. Fry I Yancy Fry, Jr.┬Unnamed wife                       │
           [donny hoodworth]                                               Philip J. Fry IINjörd(?) │
                                                                          │           │
                                                                         (Many generations)   │
                                                                              │               │
                                                            Grandma Farnsworth (possibly) │
                                                                              │               │
                                                                           Ned FarnsworthVelma Farnsworth
                                                                                    │                    │
                         Ogden Wernstrom────┬────Mom────┬─────Hubert J. Farnsworth Floyd Farnsworth
                                                │               │                │               
                                           ┌────┴───┐       Igner Cubert J. Farnsworth
                                           │        │         
                                       Walt Larry


  • In the episode "Cold Warriors", it's revealed that Yancy Fry, Sr. has participated in cannibalism. He mentioned how he ate his interpreter, Kimchi, as well as early hominids that he thawed in the mountains.
  • In "The Luck of the Fryrish", when Yancy Jr. was complaining about his name, his father told Yancy that it was his grandfather's name. This is ironic as his son Philip I would travel back in time and father him after sleeping with Mildred. Thus his grandfather's name is indeed Yancy.
  • It would seem he takes more after his mother as both have brown hair, while the two of his respective fathers have orange hair.
  • Due to the fact that Philip J. Fry I becomes his own grandfather during the events of the episode, "Roswell that Ends Well," this would mean that Yancy Fry, Sr. is also his own grandfather (Because Philip I is both his son and father).
    • As a result of the affair, Yancy Sr. is now inbred due to his parents being direct relatives.
    • Also, he is now the nephew of his oldest son Yancy Jr.
    • He is the also not only Philip J. Fry II's grandfather but his first cousin as well.
  • Due to Philip I and Leela's marriage in "Meanwhile", Yancy Fry, Sr. is the in-law family member to the Turanga family (alongside with his mother, Mildred Fry, Mrs. Fry; his older son, Yancy Fry, Jr. and Yancy Jr.'s wife, his other daughter-in-law).
  • In "When Aliens Attack", Philip J. Fry I mentions that he once worked for McDonalds until he was fired.
  • Yancy, Sr., like Mr. Panucci, Jake the Dog, and Bender, is voiced by John DiMaggio.