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"Zapp Gets Cancelled" is the eighth episode of Season 8 of Futurama and the 148th episode overall.


When Zapp Brannigan is cancelled for crude behavior, Leela takes over as captain of the Nimbus on a critical mission.

Opening Sequence[]

Futurama logo with subtitle, Alienese and (often), cartoon.


After years of abuse at the hands of Zapp Brannigan, cumulating in Zapp using him as a loofa and towel while taking a shower on the bridge of the Nimbus, Kif Kroker files charges of abuse. The case is brought before the Democratic Order of Planets court, presided over by Glab. Both Zapp and Kif are represented by Matcluck but after he hears the details of the charges against Zapp, he pronounces that Zapp is guilty. Glab cancels Zapp, removes him from command of the Nimbus, orders him to take sensitivity training and forces him to where a scarlet "C".

Meanwhile at the Planet Express Building, Leela is awarded "Only Good Employee of the Month" for the umpteenth time by Hermes and the Professor. Leela feels less and less satisfied with this until asked to be the new captain of the Nimbus by Glab. She accepts and appoints Fry as her first officer and Bender as science officer. Kif takes parental leave to spend more time with Amy, Axl, Mandy and Newt.

At sensitivity training, Zapp meets fellow cancelled officers Flashnut and Captain Cranky and the instructor, Dr. Gary Kind. Kind is soft-spoken at first but then turns scary. He uses abuse as a tool to modify the trainees behaviour by having them endure what they've subjected others to and takes them on what they think is a simulated space mission.

Leela's first mission as captain is to the planet Tactillia, accompanied by Glab and Fry, leaving Bender in command of the Nimbus. The Tactillians use pneumatic power from a great air hole to power their devices and love to touch others with their nobs. Leela discovers Glab is duplicitous and wants a peace treaty that would secretly grant DOOP the planet's air rights which Leela refuses. The sensitivity trainees discover they are on a real space mission when their ship attacks the Nimbus. Dr. Kind lands the ship on Tactillia and it is revealed by Glab that he is an evil botanical scientist who she cancelled for groping others. Kind kidnapped and replaced the real Sensitivity Training Robot. He loves the Tactillians as they press against him.

Dr. Kind threatens to poison the Tactillian's air supply with a durian so Glab orders Leela to have the Nimbus shoot him. Realizing this would kill Kind and the Tactillians who are grabbing him, she refuses. Zapp's training over, he removes his scarlet "C" and is re-appointed captain of the Nimbus by Glab but he too refuses to have the Nimbus fire, having learned a lesson. In desperation, Glab gives Kind command of the Nimbus. After Kind breaks open a durian, the smell drives the Tactillians away from him and he orders the Nimbus to shoot, which kills him. A piece of durian flies towards the air hole but Leela dives in and stops it from falling in, though she gets covered in it. Having saved the day, Leela is a hero, though everyone is repulsed by the durian smell. The Tactillian queen signs the peace treaty mainly to get away from Leela.

Later at DOOP headquarters, Leela is presented a medal of valor by Glab in front of an audience that includes Amazonians and the urn containing Dr. Kind's ashes. Glab then discharges Leela from the DOOP for disobeying her orders. At the Planet Express Building, the experience has left Leela feeling fulfilled. Smelling the durian on her, Dr. Zoidberg asks Leela if he can lick her face, which she allows, since he was sensitive enough to ask.

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